Protest rally to express deep concern on the reported criminal behavior meted out to candidates including girls of Kargil

Imam Khomieni Memorial Trust on behalf of the Muslims of Kargil organized a peaceful protest rally here today to express deep concern on the reported criminal behavior meted out to candidates including girls of Kargil at the Presentation Convent School Gandhi Nagar, Jammu yesterday where they were allotted NEET center. The girls hailing from Kargil district were in Islamic dress code as per their cultural and religious belief. As per report they were forced to compromise on their dresses, their sleeves were torn off and the physical frisking conducted in a manner which were tantamount to physical harassment. Likewise it is also reported that Sikh students were forced to remove their Karas & Kirpans at the same Presentation Convent School Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. These students have reported well in time but the NEET authorities and officials on duty harassed them and they were not allowed to sit in the exam just because they didn’t want their dresses which they adored accordance with their article of faith.

Aga Syed Kazim Sabiri and Sheikh Bashir Shakir Vice Chairman IKMT addressed the rally at Lalchowk and on behalf of the people of Kargil strongly condemn this criminal attitude of the NEET official at Presentation Convent School Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Yesterday and said that it is contrary to freedom of religion guaranteed in our constitution. We demand immediate enquiry and sacking of the accused officials and book them under law. We also condemn the Union and State Governments for such discriminatory policy against Minority communities. The girls from this far flung Region who travelled to the Centers of exams at the cost of financial burden at their family, with dreams and aspirations in their eyes were made to return home with tears in their eyes with fear of a lost opportunity just because they didn’t compromise on their religious/cultural beliefs. It is indeed a moment of shame to the said authorities to damage the secular fabric of the country on the pretext of uniformity. We condemn CBSE for its unacceptable dress code. It is also unfortunate that the students sitting for exams are dealt as terrorists and subjected to this kind of harassment.

At the end the rally adopted a resolution on the above points and stressed that the state Government should immediately intervene and the students be given a chance to appear in the said examination.

The Union and State Governments should curb with a strong hand before it is too late intentions of extremist elements in the state who want to stir communal polarisation in the State.

General Secretary