Structure of Executives:  

  1. Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust will be independent in execution of its functions as per bylaws and aims and objectives of the Trust. The functionaries duly elected as per constitution of the Trust shall be bound to work without influence or high handedness of any individual. As the Trust is based on Islamic principles its functionaries have to work for human welfare with a human heart, with out prejudice of race or religion. For the purpose of development and welfare works it treats the youth of District Kargil as well as of whole Ladkah region at par with basic members of the Trust and with in the framework of constitution of the Trust they shall have all the rights to comment and criticize the matters of such nature.


For purpose of eligibility of voter it would be mandatory to get a members name figure in the membership register. Mere filling of Membership form would not entitle right to vote in the Trust’s main or subordinate executive bodies/ institutions.

  1. There shall be a Guardian Council comprising of 07 members nominated jointly by the Chief Patron and the Chairman of the Organization. Out of these, 4 will essentially be of top ranking Rohani (clergy) experienced, dedicated and well versed in religious and political affairs. Other 03 members would be non Rouhani experts having excellence in character, judicious and abreast of political and administrative matters. The terms of office of Guardian Council will be of 05 years.

Duties & Responsibilities of Guardian Council:-

  1. a) To fix appropriate candidature for executive body.
  2. b) To frame electoral rules, regulate and conduct free & fair election of executive body.
  3. c) To conduct general body meeting for electing executive body of the Trust.
  4. d) To supervise the functioning of executive body.
  5. e) It can call upon the chairman or members of executive body to explain his/their position if their conduct remains against or contrary to the constitution and bylaws of the Trust. It shall expel or take punitive measures if proven guilty.
  6. f) It can dissolve the executive Body and conduct Bi-Elections.

 General body;

            The general body of the IKMT will constitute of every member whose name is entered in the membership register of the Trust and who has paid membership dues.

Duties/Responsibilities of General Body.

  1. a) To elect members to the executive body of the Trust out of the candidates indicated by Guardian Council with majority.
  2. b) To vote for any deletion, insertion, amendment or changes to the constitution of the Trust put forth by Executive
  3. c) To vote without fear, influence or personal motives during election purely for the interest of the Trust.

 Executive body:-

  1. A) There will be an executive body of IKMT to carry out the day-to-day affairs of the Trust. It shall be the supreme decision making body of the Trust. It will, besides routine administration, be responsible for religious, political, cultural, educational and other related affairs as per aims and objectives. The executive body will be vested with all financial and administrative powers of the Trust.
  2. B) Any kind of insertion, deletion, amendments or changes to the constitution of the organization shall be brought in by the executive body only.
  3. c) The executive committee/body shall consist of the following 08 members:-

Chief Patron, Chairman, Vice Chairman Religion Affairs, Vice Chairman Political Affairs, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Chief Organizer & Treasurer.

  1. c) The Chief Patron and Chairman shall necessarily be from the clergy and shall be individual of character, active, judicious, prompt and abreast with contemporary political and administrative affairs.
  2. d) The term of office of executive body will be of 03 years. The Guardian Council shall conduct the election after every 3 years.

Some of major achievements of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust enlisted below:

  1. Its achievements in the field of modern education and health sector is summarized at appropriate sub heads as Mutahhary Educational Society and Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre.
  2. The organization has established Jamiae Zahra at Minji (Islamic Theology Centre) for girls. It is functioning satisfactorily despite of all barriers. 70 students are on roll with 06 staff members in this theological centre. Transportation and lunch is provided free of cost to the students.