Lujnatul Kheriya

( Social Welfare Wing)

Lujnat-ul-Kheriya is the social welfare wing of IKMT. This  carries out organized charity services in Kargil. It functions under a sub committee .

Some of the achievements of Lujnat-ul-Kheriya  are:

  • It has provided assistance to 212 orphans for their educational expenses which includes students from 1st Standard to 10th Standard.
  • Has provided financial assistance to thousands of deserving poor people.
  • Has provided financial assistance to 160 widows to facilitate income generation programmes and their sustainability.
  • It has provided financial assistance amounting to Rs 35 lacs ( Rupees thirty five lacs) to deserving Sadats. It is the only social organ in Kargil which has provided support to Sadats to such an extent.
  • It has arranged sponsorships for 20 Maktabs in the district.