Jamia Fatima Zehra (S.A) Kargil

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Jamia Fatimah Zahra(S.A),is an Islamic institute for the girls. It is functioning under  Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT). This is the first ever institution of this kind in Kargil. Jamia Fatima Zahra was established in July 2008.It was inaugurated by Hojatul Islam Sheikh Mohammed Husain, Zakiri patron IKMT Kargil. 

Initially, there were 40 students, and 3 teachers in the institution. By 2014, the number of students increased to 70 and there are 6 Teachers .Hojatul-Islam Shiekh Abdul Hamid Nasiri is the head of  the institution. The building of the institution has been provided by Mutahhary Educational Society (another wing of IKMT) on temporary basis. While some donors have gifted some canals of land  for Jamia Fatima Zahra (S.A)  where the new campus has to be built in the near future.

Affiliation of the Institution

  • The study course and the teaching staff is functioning under the guidelines of Al Mustafa international University Qom, Iran.
  • The university  has provided two teachers ,who have passed out from the same institution.
  • All other teachers have been appointed by Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust. 

Selection Criteria For Aspirants

Due to financial, man power, and space  constraints, the institution offers limited number of seats for Admission . The policy of the institution regarding the selection of the students are:

  • Students must have some education qualification , she either should have passed matric or be a post graduate.
  • Students have to undergo written test and the viva.
  • In case a student is resident of a particular area, where there is no one to provide Islamic teachings, in such cases the Jamia offers admission to the student after verifying all the necessary requirements.


There are two types of courses offered ,one is for 3 years and another is for 4 years .For the  second course , the students have to study 2 years In Jamia and 2 years in Al-Mustafa University Qom Iran.

  • The first course is based on Arabic-Persian Grammar, basic Islamic History , Islamic Principles and teachings of Quran.
  • The second 2years course In Jamia, comprises of Islamic logic, Belief , Islamic morals and Prininciples. English , Arabic, and Persian languages are also taught.
  • Besides these the Jamia organizes activities to develop communication skills.

Class Schedule

  • The timing of the classes starts early morning at 9 a.m and closes at 3.40 p.m
  • Regularity and punctuality of students are monitored closely.
  • After finishing the classes the students’ do their own activities like debates , discussion on various religious and social topics.


  • Jamia Fatima Zehra s.a is providing hostel facilities to the students free of cost.
  • There are 13 rooms in the Hostel.
  • Besides residential facilities food is also provided.
  • Besides these facilities the Jamia provides library ,including computers and study room for the students .
  • The Library and Study room remains open round the clock.

التماس دعا