Imam Khomeini Memorial trust (IKMT) Kargil took out a peaceful rally in support of Asifa, the 8year old victim of rape and brutal killing. “Kargil in solidarity with Asifa Banoo”

A peaceful protest rally was taken out today in Kargil town under the ages of Imam Khomeini Memorial trust IKMT in Support of Asifa, the 8year old victim of rape and brutal killing in Salar village of Kathwa in Jammu after Kidnapping. The rally was taken out from central Jama Masjid of the town after NImaz zohrain thousands of men and women of Kargil took part in the rally from Jamma Masjid Kargil and passed through the main bazar to Islamia School Chowk and culminated at city Lalchowk. The protesters were carrying a front banner calling for stern punishment and hang the culprits of this heinous crime. Photos of Asifa and placards with slogans like justice for Asifa, where is Beti Bachao? , hang the culprits. Etc. was carried out by the participants. A huge number of women majority of which were young girls were in a separate part of the procession chanting slogans “we support Asifa” “hang the culprits”.
At Lal chowk the rally leaders addressed the gathering. In his speech Asgar Ali Karbalai MLA Kargil termed this heinous crime a very unfortunate incident in the history of India where a woman is treated as a Devi. Referring to the Rape and murder case of Asifa in Kathwa which was happened in January 2018, the national media and union government of BJP did not react for three months till was exposed on international level. Our PM who reacted on all international happenings on tweet had a long silence on this issue. He admired NDTV channel for standing witht the victim and voice for her cause.
He also appreciated the secular and conscious civil society of India for raising their voice for Asifa and Unnao rape victims. He sought justice for the victims under Law. In his speech chairman IKMT Hujattul Islam Shiekh Mohd Sadiq Rajai called the incidents as an inhuman act condemned in all religion and belief. It was unfortunate that the henous crime was done in a Temple by a shameless priest and a police who is castodean of Law is involved. He on behalf of the people of Kargil strongly demanded justice for Asifa Under Law and non should be allowed to hinder and support criminals. At the end effigies of the culprits were burned among chanting of slogans against them.