In the Name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful

  • Baseej-e-Ruhaniyun is a sub organization of ImamKhomeini Memorial Trust.
  • The cleric volunteers are the members  of Baseej-e- Ruhaniyun.
  • This sub-organization of IKMT was established 0n 28 March 2011.


  • Establishment of  Daarul-Quran 
    A learning institute for teaching Quran, by the name Daar-ul-Quran was established. The villagers  and  the concerned Maktab makes arrangements for this initiative. This was established with the participation and consensus of the villagers. This institute is being  run by the Baseej-e-Ruhaaniyun. It organises  ten day training for the teachers of Daar-ul-Quran every year.

  • Quran Recitation Competition at the District Level
     This competition is organized and conducted in Jamia Masjid Kargil in the month of March every year, which coincides with the inaugural function for the new session.
                  In this competition the most capable students from respective Daar-ul –quran participates.

  • Painting Competition:
     A painting competition is conducted in the month of Moharrum, on the theme of the plight of  Hazrat-e- Ali Asgar in the Battle of Karbala.

  •  Islamic Quiz Competition
    In this endeavor  the  Darul-Quran  in collaboration with Baseej-e-Ruhanyoon conduct Islamic quiz competitions along with General Knowledge tests to keep the learners abreast with the Islamic world and other relevant informations

 Islamic Awareness Seminars

  • Seminars to educate and make the public aware  about the Islamic Revolution and its instructions, as well as to inculcate amongst youngsters the feeling of sacrifice and community feeling, are conducted frequently, at various venues, on different topics, in Kargil.
  • The Birth And Death  Anniversaries of Fourteen Ma’soomeen(A.S) are celebrated which includes: (a) Jashn-e-Kausar(Birth anniversary of Hazrat Zehra(A.S), (b) Jashn-e-Maulood-e-Kaaba(Birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali(A.S)
  • Processions are  organized on the occasion of martyrdom of Hazrat Zehra(A.S)

     Annual Assembly of Ulema:

  • On the eve of the death anniversary of the Imam-e-Rahil, a special annual  assembly of Ulema, is held in which religious scholars participate  and exchange of views  takes place. And deliberate on important  and relevant issues. Based on these deliberations an action plan is prepared to address these issues on appropriate platforms.
  • Eid-e-Ghadeer(Jashn-e-ikmal-ud-din) is being  organized and celebrated by baseej-e-Ruhaniyun.
  • Various other programs such as organization of debates and recitation of Quran  amongst the students of Darul Quran is also being facilittated by Baseej-e-Ruhaniyun.