Baqiriya Health Care and Research Centre

Kargil (Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and other professionals) associated with Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust, Kargil formed an organisation called Baqirya Health Care and Research Centre Kargil to provide free medical consultation, conducting free medical camps in far flung areas, conducting medical awareness program and to help government organisations in implementing various National Health volunteers and the team of specialist doctors visits remote areas of the district which remains cut off from the main town. During summer months the camps are conducted once a month on priority basis in order to help the neediest ones. Main aims and objectives of such medical camps being:

  1. a) to treat acute illnesses on the spot by providing free medicines.
  2. b) to screen chronic and complicated diseases for making referral to tertiary care hospitals.
  3. c) to investigate different diseases by providing free laboratory services.
  4. d) to provide health and nutritional education to all the participants.

                   So far the organization has conducted many health camps in remote rural areas of the district .Its detail is as follows:

 Programs. The Organisation will also conduct seminars, workshops and conferences on various health issues in collaboration with national and international health, institutions and organisations.

Baqirya Health Care and Research Centre Kargil is an apolitical organisation formed to extend health services to all needy people without any discrimination of cast creed or faith as per its aims and objectives. The organisation is registered with Registrar of Societies, J&K (India). It has an  executive body of 22 members body’s with the following structure:

President, Vice President, General secretary, Joint Secretary, Joint secretary, Project Coordinator, 05 Assistant Project Coordinators, Chief Organisor, 02 Organisors, Accountant, Cashier and 03 Advisors.

Activities of Baqiriya Health Care & Research Centre

  1. Free Medical Consultation (OPD Services): Specialised free medical outdoor facility is being provided by BHC&RC at Baqiria Building at Bemathang Kargil located at a distance of 1.5 km from the main Town. The centre remains open on all Sundays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. So far more than 15,000 patients have been treated including migrant population like labourers from Nepal, Bihar and other parts of the country besides the locals. It provides multi-speciality OPD services in the field of General Medicine, Gynae-Obst., Orthopaedics, paediatrics, ophthalmology and ENT. Deserving patients are being provided free medicines in addition to the consultations.
  2. Free Medical Camps in Remote Areas of the District:
  3. Special Medical Camps at flood affected areas of Shaker Chikten:

       In August, 2009 among other areas of Ladakh Region Shaker Chikten Block of Kargil District was severely affected by flash flood. Most of the medical centres of the area were either fully or partially damaged by flood. Environment depletion and use of contaminated water had caused break out of diseases like “Conjunctivitis, Corneal Ulcer, Uvities, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection & Gastro entities and etc” people were running helter and skelter for doctor and medical treatment. Sensing gravity of the issue and urgency of the hour, Baqiriya Health Care & Research Centre, Kargil rose to the occasion and rushed two teams of doctors alongwith paramedics and volunteers with medicine and necessary equipments to Shaker-Shaker Rong, Samrah and Hagnis areas of the region. Both the teams provided free treatment to hundreds of affected people of the region and distributed free medicine to the affected people.

  1. Health Awareness Activities : The organisation also conducted various other activities which includes seminars, workshops, symposia and health melas.

A seminar on Hepatitis B, a disease  emerging as a  major health threat in Kargil. Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre seizing the opportunity to make the people aware of this dreaded disease conducted a seminar in the heart of the Town. The seminar was attended by thousands of people including college & school students, employees of different cadres & socio-political leaders. Specialist Doctors of different disciplines delivered lectures regarding the disease, its transmission, treatment & long term complications. Pamphlets & leaflets were distributed among the participants.

  1. Baqirya Clinical Laboratory:   A clinical laboratory was setup in the year 2008 which got registered with the state Govt. of J&K. The laboratory was upgraded and fully equipped with different investigative tools including a multi channel automatic bio chemical analyser and a Swedish card reader machine specially made for sugar test. The laboratory is located at Bemathang in Baqiriya Building with a collection centre at hospital road Kargil. More than 2700 patients have been tested so far with nominal charges from the patients and free tests have also been done for the poor /needy patients.

Aims and objectives for establishing the lab:

  1. a) To provide lab backup to BHC&RC Kargil.
  2. b) To perform all Haematological, Bio Chemical and routine tests of all the patient of the district irrespective of their consultation at BHC&RC or any other place at an affordable rate of 30% to 40% less than the prevailing market rate and free lab. services to needy and poor patients.

Total No. of patients consulted in medical camps: 23665.